There are really those days when i’m feelin myself and then there are days that i don’t. In other peoples perspective i’m this girl who’s always cheerful and energetic, and then i thought to myself am i really that “person”.I’d like to categorize myself as an introvert , i don’t like being in a large crowd, but as i ironic as it may sound, i enjoy performing in front of a large crowd , and i kind of like “acting” and i like “singing”, but then again after a short span of time you’ll find me in a corner with my earphones on. An everyday essential for me during school days of coursse aside from my colorful markers and highlighters duhh, is my earphones and my music, when i am walking to school or maybe when i just don’t wanna be disturbed or maybe just for some alone time, i plugged them in. Whenever i listen to music, it transcends me to a different dimension, like for example when I listen to any Bon Iver song,it makes me calm and it reminds me of my elementary days in Subic. Music really has a great impact in my life.

I promised myself whenever i feel pessimistic, i have to think fast and think of something optimistic. In the past few months when i was a junior in college, it is one of my lowest points, i don’t want to enumerate the events , because it just brings back memories, i mean it’s really not deep naman para iwasan its just that i’m trying my very best to move forward and to be held back by those experiences.

You cannot move forward if you kept holding back on something from your past.Stop moping around and telling yourself over and over again that you are a failure or maybe you’re not good enough , you will just radiate negative vibes all over,no one knows you more than yourself.When i feel down, I do give myself a little pep talk, like “trixia, everything will be okay, it’s just a bump in the road, you can do it, you just have to pick yourself up, please believe in yourself!! ” 

nahhhh sabaw

Anyway you can do it Patttt !!! Believe in yourselffff ❤